Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is from Jennifer Holt (Falke):
Sunny she is one of the twins that was at the wedding.

This is a boppy! They are wonderful and have many uses. One is for nursing, you wrap it around you and lay the baby on top. Another is so the baby can lean against the pillow and kind of sits up rather than lying on the floor or flat surface. When the baby gets bigger and is learning to sit up she can sit with it around her and it supports her in sitting up. And when they start holding their heads up they can lay up on it so that it supports their chest and their head is held up. I love this!! Thank you Jenn!!! (and Dan)


  1. Polka Dots are in this year. I'm embracing it all the way. :)

  2. I love the Boppy I wish I would have invented it! every new mother I know loves it. Love the polka dots!

  3. Hi Shona!!! I am glad you like the boppy, it really is cute! I am soooo sorry I missed the shower....for some reason I thought it was on for today....