Saturday, February 7, 2009


Thank you everyone #1 for your patience. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on too. :)

Thank you to everyone who sent something. I love you for it. :)

Here's the latest photo of me taken Jan. 16th. I didn't like my hair so this is the photo I'm showing.
I'll take another tonight or tomorrow that way you can see my belly now.
Twice yesterday I was asked... a few weeks huh? I said yeah about 10. Then ... Are there two in there..?? THANKS PEOPLE!!! :) Good thing I know how to take things in stride.
Keep checking in on here. I will post all updates and more pictures!!


This is from Jennifer Holt (Falke):
Sunny she is one of the twins that was at the wedding.

This is a boppy! They are wonderful and have many uses. One is for nursing, you wrap it around you and lay the baby on top. Another is so the baby can lean against the pillow and kind of sits up rather than lying on the floor or flat surface. When the baby gets bigger and is learning to sit up she can sit with it around her and it supports her in sitting up. And when they start holding their heads up they can lay up on it so that it supports their chest and their head is held up. I love this!! Thank you Jenn!!! (and Dan)


Holy Crap! It just erased everything I did.. AUGH!!

This one was wrapped really well!!!


From Nicole in Kentucky/Cincinnati

I love this diaper bag because it's neutral in color. Jeff wouldn't be embarrassed to carry it around. It actually looks bigger than it does in the picture too. It's great!!
Thank you Nicole (and Sage and Matthew)!!!!


From Aunt Katherine:

It's a Breast Pump which I could really use. Dillon didn't latch on so I used mine as much as I could.
Hopefully that won't be a problem this time but if it does I've got this AND I can pump and everyone can feed as well. Hee hee

Thank you Aunt Katherine!!!


The first thing I opened was from Rachelle:
The pictures loaded backwards... now I know.

It's a sling! Cute!! Some onesies! Even cuter! And some leg warmers which I'm going to use for knees when she starts to crawl!!
Thank yoU!!


My camera stinks!

It'll let me take a picture then it turns off. It is driving me crazy. It says it has full batteries and then it dies.
Can anyone guess what I'm buying with my taxes???

One minute to fix!!

Entry #1 for today

I want to say Thank You first to all of you....

I swear this won't take long.

I'm waiting another 25 minutes but I wanted to let you know what you were in store for.

It's nice outside today too. It's 70 degrees and the windows are open and the boys are playing outside.