Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Excited for two reasons!!

First... I got my first box in the mail yesterday.
I haven't opened it. I am being patient! :)
Thank you! I'll open it next weekend. :)

Second... I have been wanting to nest but can't do it yet.
Jeff gets home in like 3 and a half 4 weeks.

Well I got an email from target that they are having free shipping on purchases over $50.00. So I figure I will look at the dressers and see if they have anything that would match Dillon's dresser. We got his dresser at Target when we first moved to Little Rock in 2002. We bought a set but ended up only selling one at a garage sale last summer.
They have the exact same dresser!! The exact same one!!!! Which means I won't have to have hodge podge put togethers trying to match each other or buy new dressers totally! Small reason to be excited but I am! :) Now I can order this it'll take two weeks to get here and then Jeff can put it together lol.
Also! I want to thank EVERYONE who has sent us something. Jeff and I weren't really planning on having another baby. Therefore, when I heard people that needed stuff I would donate what I had. A little boy was born a year after Dillon, I gave him and another family Dillon's clothes. Another family I gave out his exersaucer because their kid was so mobile and they couldn't afford to go and get something like that... I was looking for a storage spot for mine so... off it went. I never thought that I should have saved it all. So THANK YOU!!!!

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